• Your dog bites your hands or wrinkles your pants. Yes, the dog is just playing, but it’s still unpleasant and sometimes even painful!
  • Your puppy excitedly jumps on you as soon as you get home, not even letting you take off your shoes first. You can’t help but imagine in horror what might happen when it gets a little older.
  • Your dog waits by the table for an hour and lovingly looks into your eyes while begging for a piece of your food.
  • Your dog loves to dig holes in the garden you work so hard to maintain.
  • Your dog prefers to sleep in your bed, but you would like your pet to stay in its own so that you can get a good night's sleep.
  • Your dog pulls on the leash on walks, jerking from side to side, and you’re left to chase after it.

What will you get :
1️⃣ The ability to communicate with your dogs
By the end of the course, your dog will become your obedient friend and helper and will focus on you in any situation.

2️⃣ The confidence that your dog is safe
No more getting off the leash, chasing cats, or attempting to eat everything in sight.

3️⃣ The comfort that comes with a well-trained dog
Your communication with your pet will be fundamentally different. No more irritation, screaming, or frustration with your dog’s behavior.
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